The Day Went Bye.

Grey! As clouds overhead.

Morning looked forward to the

possibilities of the new Day.

But Storms loomed ominous; as

theshifts in Wind and Cloud

Formations begged for Sun and Surf.

Afternoon, on a misguided mission

For Warmth spent its fleeting time

Promising Rays of Sun that never fully

Believed in Afternoon’s Cause.

Night came to work that Evening

Understanding that his cohorts had

Been fruitless In All Their Efforts to


Night, the wise old veteran of the

Graveyard Shift, knew better.

Grabbed a pillow and tilt his head.

Had the angle to put him to rest.

As he dozed away, Night said,

“Let dem young bucks worry

Demselves to an early grave. Me?

I’m good right ch’ere!”

Published by theexiledexhorter

Retired NYC High School History Teacher from Washington Heights.I taught at G.W. H.S.( alumnus 1977), A. P. Randolph, MLK, Joan of Arc( Ms. Garrett, principal) and Wadleigh. Love jazz, r&b, Johnny Cash, Gil Scott Heron, Rubby Perez, Omega el fuerte and Frank Sinatra.

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