Metron Trigonon, A Musing.

The pair emerged unto the Triangle Shirtwaist Square; site of that infamous Murder Mystery. Young ladies fed to the noxious smokes while Others, panicked, broke the grimy Windows and chose Death. Jumped out da windas, falling…ungraciuosly to their untimely deaths.

The pair reached Madison Square Garden; near to the Shake Shack in Tompkins Square. They both bought empanadas, half moon shaped concoctions Stuffed to the gill with spicy proteins. The parallelograms of different tastes causes saliva to gestate, umami, to the back glands of our tongues(the little dots perceive salty sweet sour and whatever the others are.) causes rushing back for MORE MORE bbq, more wings so that we can soar above the quotidian din, SO disruptive hate filled daily dissonance; noise WHITE in this case.

But to my dear white FRIENDS? Understand THIS! NOT ALL WHITE PEOPLE ARE WHITE! At least NOT to their friends and families. And to me? Of course Not. I am Theexiledexhorter301309198 BUT I am just a kid from 27 de Febrero #97, Santiago, Dom. Rep!

Published by theexiledexhorter

Retired NYC High School History Teacher from Washington Heights.I taught at G.W. H.S.( alumnus 1977), A. P. Randolph, MLK, Joan of Arc( Ms. Garrett, principal) and Wadleigh. Love jazz, r&b, Johnny Cash, Gil Scott Heron, Rubby Perez, Omega el fuerte and Frank Sinatra.

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