Rasputin, The Enchanted One.

To some a crazed Monk run amok. To others, a saint with powers to cure the sick and the infirm. The Russian Czarina certainly thought so, Highly, she installed Rasputin The Enchanted One to the Royal Court. What was the magic of the Monk? Mesmerized was she that rumors abound that the Monk was eating the Czarina for lunch, Green Bushes on the menu. But we just don’t know. Oh well that’s okay 😊, you can make up your own minds, was he or wasn’t he?

Published by theexiledexhorter

Retired NYC High School History Teacher from Washington Heights.I taught at G.W. H.S.( alumnus 1977), A. P. Randolph, MLK, Joan of Arc( Ms. Garrett, principal) and Wadleigh. Love jazz, r&b, Johnny Cash, Gil Scott Heron, Rubby Perez, Omega el fuerte and Frank Sinatra.

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