Boredom Is An Option Not A Choice; Paintbrush And ✏️ Results!

Stand back stand by; the president declares as if he is Patton or even punk ass John Wayne Another MAGA red hat wearing sycophants!💩💀🦠💀💯😷🇺🇸🇩🇴🗳🗽☮️✅
Tired bedraggled Lady is just ✅ with President Hateful Eight; ya wish four more 💩😂🦠🗡💯😷🙏🐕😷🗳🎃🗽🇩🇴🇺🇸💪😷🗳
Slavery and human beings trafficked for sex even in ya local neighborhood!
Death 💀 and taxes only sure thing about ya USA 😷🗳🙏
The destruction of the world is not a blessing of any sort.
Ya can have dreams too ya know!
Running rampant the Covid19 kills indiscriminately in poor communities!😷🙏🐕♒️💯💪
Women are now fully invested; contract killing Why Not Us?
Crack cocaine is a hell of a drug!😂😯😱🦠💀💯🙏🐕♒️🗳🇺🇸🗳🇩🇴🗳🎃
Black owned homes and businesses are needed for the new normal; life after Trumpence 🙏🐕♒️😷🗳💪
Post November 3rd 🗡💀🦠😂🙏🐕♒️😷🗳
Apartment for rent in Manhattan $4659 per month; and that’s cheap oh💩😯😐😱🙏🐕♒️😷🗳
Kamala Harris morning 11/03/2020; blue skies filled with elation Woohoo 🎉💯🙏💪😷🗽☮️

Published by theexiledexhorter

Retired NYC High School History Teacher from Washington Heights.I taught at G.W. H.S.( alumnus 1977), A. P. Randolph, MLK, Joan of Arc( Ms. Garrett, principal) and Wadleigh. Love jazz, r&b, Johnny Cash, Gil Scott Heron, Rubby Perez, Omega el fuerte and Frank Sinatra.

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