Wabi-Sabi – Embrace the Imperfection! The belle of the cotillion affair scarred by life’s unrelenting tolls ya bells go Clang Klang Klang and ya goes off to potty just jajaja and All that πŸ˜Ž


The Cult Of Trumpism!

President Trump is a class less individual incapable of human emotions and his own actions show the level of disgust that he holds for the people of the USA! Good riddance Now please go away to your Rabbit hole, thank you.

Now Do Ya Believe Me?

4 yuhs of dumping on u s. All the guy without a second thought lies about anything and everyone else but for 4 yuhs the Republicans gave way to all of his whims and whining about everything! The press release the FBI director the military director the CNN anchor the nytimes and anything else thatContinue reading “Now Do Ya Believe Me?”

Asleep 😴 @the Wheel! 73 Million Adherents And Growing: Trump And The Threat To Our National Security.