The New Normal? Really!

The excuses too many to bear witness to; mayhems and homeless encampments all over NYC as DeAfro DeBlasio deflects responsibilities along with the author in Albany, profiting from the Covid19 by writing a book about his, Cuomo’s leadership Jajaja 😱 shut up Please!

Hypocrites and the NBA.

Ya think they care? I don’t think so. Too many kids playing ball nowadays. The grown ups left the room and the students are bugging out! Signs on courts? Really. I don’t see how that helps. Money and time for the urban young people and a progressive team in the rural areas to help themContinue reading “Hypocrites and the NBA.”

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Sexual abuse in the military.

Rachel maddow reports that Putin moles like the Real Americans πŸ“Ί show is true. There are Russian spies πŸ•΅οΈβ€β™‚οΈ living McDonald’s lives. Chinese food on Friday so not to attract attention. Their kids don’t know squat about their activities. They speak fluent English and usually students or professors. I got tales from the underground. IContinue reading “Sexual abuse in the military.”