Guilty To The Pleasures Of Buffoonery ðŸ¤¡ðŸ¤ ðŸ¥´ðŸ˜¹!

Along with Bob’s Burgers and Home Movies, the perfect trilogy for my viewing pleasure. Take a ride with me and learn how to guffaw uproariously with ya possibilities of snot running out to play and to be seen!🙏🐕♒️🎅🕎💪🤡🤠

@Home Movies Insanity Reigns As Jajaja Drops!

Rainfall continues to fall on ya Nothing seems to fit Raindrops keep pounding on ya head But there’s one thing ya know Raindrops keep falling on ya head but I will never let it put a stop to y’all party Because 🌧 will never end y’all birthday party 🥳 cause one thing ya know ZContinue reading “@Home Movies Insanity Reigns As Jajaja Drops!”