Life Is!

A 3 ring circus 🎪 filled with the ups and downs of a carousel 🎠 going on and on and on and on it goes… With that verse the Blue 🪄 blew us away in the late 1970’s. Today on this Friday morning we just felt that a little Sideshow could never hurt Especially ifContinue reading “Life Is!”

Thirty Years In Between, A Musing.

The phone screen said 🇩🇴 and I thought it was my brother but it was not! In fact until the end of the conversation I was under the impression that my brother was still in New York; the COVID 19 has changed life so much as we stay in our room and pray for luck.Continue reading “Thirty Years In Between, A Musing.”

Midnight is the first minute of ya new Say!

🕛 beckons as it arrives Always on Time! No time for sergeants Andy Griffith said, as the Hasidic community refuses instead defying the protocols of DeAfro but ya know what ya said Chosen People? Right well let u.s. All lead by example otherwise we will All be Deaf Dumb and Blind! The 🐕 guides theContinue reading “Midnight is the first minute of ya new Say!”

We are just so crazy … how ever awesome we are !!!😜🌸

Just get offended , Coz we always do the things more purposely , once we come to know that we are not meant to do it !!! 👹 We are just so crazy … how ever awesome we are !!!😜🌸 I gotta tell ya guys I love y’all craziness hence y’all been shared! Joy toContinue reading “We are just so crazy … how ever awesome we are !!!😜🌸”

What Should I Call You Now?

I remember calling a young lady, “Sweetheart.” At university and she called me out! Embarrassing to say the least, I cannot call the ladies that! Now! Perplexing to be a Dude; confusing it is Too, Girls? They, in the company of other women refer to themselves as “GUYS” I think it’s great 👍 So What?Continue reading “What Should I Call You Now?”