A Thought For Conversation!

The Sage is wise; the Innocent, gullible and the Naive is Dumb! The Lovelorn is ya Fool As ya Pious is Judgmental and ya Fundamentalists, A Determinist, rigid Rod of Ancient Beliefs, Tenets, Norms and Lifestyles Unsuited for ya Modern Times! Props to the Amish and the Mennonite Believers, nothing in life is perfect otherwiseContinue reading “A Thought For Conversation!”

Holy Sunday Image Along With Other Opinions Expressed In Art!

3 square blocks is what the author ✍️ of the play, For Colored Girls Who Considered Suicide When The Rainbow is enuf; says we inhabit know and feel really comfortable In, 3 square Blocks! Imagine the world and how big it is. Here in the USA 🇺🇸 if ya live in a lower class communityContinue reading “Holy Sunday Image Along With Other Opinions Expressed In Art!”

Thirty Years In Between, A Musing.

The phone screen said 🇩🇴 and I thought it was my brother but it was not! In fact until the end of the conversation I was under the impression that my brother was still in New York; the COVID 19 has changed life so much as we stay in our room and pray for luck.Continue reading “Thirty Years In Between, A Musing.”

From Trump To The Season’s Greetings 🖖!

From Trump To The Season’s Greetings 🖖! https://theexiledexhorter301309198.com/2020/12/04/from-trump-to-the-seasons-greetings-%f0%9f%96%96/ — Read on theexiledexhorter301309198.com/2020/12/04/from-trump-to-the-seasons-greetings-🖖/ The inertia in the federal government is moronic and typical of Trump! Where’s the Stimulus package 📦 How about conceding and stop the games Dude! Go ahead and pardon the interruption; apologies to Tony K and Michael Wilbon, JaVanka and ya kids areContinue reading “From Trump To The Season’s Greetings 🖖!”

Good Day Y’all! I Got 200 Likes 👍🥳

I guess the pottery barn in ya is within pen 🖊 paper ink oils and creativity to mitigate the COVID-19 stressors killers vile charging rates way greater than ya local loansharks How can ya say that? Ya loansharks cap knees stab and beat ya up But Covid-19 💀💀💀💯💀😷😷😷💯🙏👍♒️🐕✅✅🗳🙏💯🙌

Fatherhood Is Still Critical! Eminem Big Props!🙏🐕♒️🗳😷


Ultra Black Why Not?

Rude boys waiting for the order from the autocratic despotic draft dodger 5 times Dude Tuff guy Yeah right🤣🤣😂😂🎃🎃💩💩🦠💀🙏🐕♒️😷🗳💯🗳☮️

Carrion Lovers: 🦅 Of Prey.

Carcasses piled up in some ice cream trucks with good intentions in mind really good people but bad managers by far as too many splendored corpses rot near by; ya ice cream trucks, semi’s refrigerated and the funeral homes collapsed and family had to just stand by Stand Back Wait for orders from the figureheadContinue reading “Carrion Lovers: 🦅 Of Prey.”

Ten For Today 23-10-2020. Mental Illness Is A Real War Of Attrition. Hopefully y’all enjoy the effort 🙏🐕♒️🇩🇴🇺🇸🗳💪🗡🍊💯🙌

10/20/2020, A Day In The Life Of A Potential Artist!

Due to quarantine concerns we spend more time inside than ever before. Hence in order to maintain our mental health I spend my time trying to create different images to express my thoughts and beliefs about the world and how we can help bring about positive changes in the future for all Humankind 🙏🐕♒️😷🇺🇸🇩🇴🗳🦠💀💪😷!

Why Not Give Love A Try?

Love is ya many splendored thing, unknowingly it has us Sing, Sing; shackled to ya dream girl’s heart strings The violin 🎻 quietly brings two lives together in ya VPN stream. Private message and thoughts as ya open up for love As love ya know is ya many splendored thing. Opens doors without a keyContinue reading “Why Not Give Love A Try?”

Covid 19 Hills!

The numbers grow daily from the maskless spectacles leading to the uptick across the USA 🇺🇸, ya know that masks work yet it’s impossible to get folks on board. Not too long ago Asians wearing masks were oddballs in NYC; today masks are the new normal! Thank God because y’all know this stuff won’t goContinue reading “Covid 19 Hills!”

The Nail Of Heaven.

Ascension to a greater height, evolved into our guardian angel overnight. Who knew the needs running through his mind rash decisions with no chance to edit the results. Jumping into the Abyss, 6 stories of tales no one will ever know! Tooken by him to his graveyard shift, 12 to 8 in the morning.Bal P.,Continue reading “The Nail Of Heaven.”

The City Above.

there she stands, greyish forlorned and seemingly beaten to a bloody pulp. death every home damned near living with coffins in our midst. pain, loss, indifference, lack of government oversight. trumps says no, everything is bliss, confusion, hate, division Covid19 deaths Mounting Daily where are the safeguards I would not send my children back toContinue reading “The City Above.”

Actions Speak Louder Than Words.

Cliches come and cliches go. I subscribe to ya different code. Jajaja, I never defied my parents and ya never would! A son, father and teacher too. Ya my actions are truly terrible to y’all and I guess apologies are overdue. The fact remains I gotta change for good! Crazy as ya know I haveContinue reading “Actions Speak Louder Than Words.”

My Mom and Dadd!

Wrapped inside the womb of my rite of passage I cannot escape the fact that when ya dance 💃 with the devil 👿 ya will not last. Iove Gil Scott Heron so much i learned omg so much! Malcolm X my Papa and Gil! So blessed I am!🙏🐕♒️🇺🇸🌈🇩🇴☮️I can go on waxing about my mentorsContinue reading “My Mom and Dadd!”

And if I Cried When Charlotte Died?

EB White’s Charlotte’s Web reaches inside of my heart ❤️ and I cry 😢 Why even writing these lines I cry Why? What is it about that book that does this to me? I cry and I don’t know why? Strangest thing, an older man crying at the screen 📺 when I should know betterContinue reading “And if I Cried When Charlotte Died?”

Mistress Rain.

Soaked through sheer transparency obscured by none and seen by all. The hourglass ⏳ approaches the pendulum’s to and fro; sweet 🍈 🍈 holding tight, sheer eyes delight in the obvious sights sashaying towards ya way. As we cross paths, her scent, her spray bottle Mistress 🌧 Rain; 👚⏳🌧👌🏿😃🌞🤛🪑❤️like an open hydrant in a 🥵Continue reading “Mistress Rain.”


Don’t know ya but I did. I do, Too! Eternal blessings to ya be happy be safe be well! Nuevos amigos y amigos me llenan con mucha Felicidad!❤️😊👌🏿😂🙃 Youtube, Facebook, WordPress Twitter Anchor Stitcher Spotify, Apple 🍎 podcasts; I am there talking sports politics and Art. Grateful Dead son Baddd Dudes rockers thru &thru! YoContinue reading “Gratitude.”

Please Call Me Popo’; Sir Is So Bloody British!

I love my Asians to call me by my African name because it’s the first one I ever knew. Love ❤️ Popo’ as it is resounding for me and others who love the Echoes of it All. Allahu Akbar! And may God grant blessings of Peace and Prosperity for All who walks; regardless of theContinue reading “Please Call Me Popo’; Sir Is So Bloody British!”

Poor Man Advice.

Often times lovers come to the relationship hoping to find some valiant Prince or Barbie Queen. Expectations of a fabled tryst Dwarves, a single shoe and Evil Sorceress you get to live out of dreams, and when the 🌞 comes early morning the realizations are that it was all an insomniac’s vivid wishes and memoriesContinue reading “Poor Man Advice.”

The Dog Days Of Summer, A Musing.

Today some tears back I put you down, cremated for all eternity my dearest friend, Patu II; we travelled 🧳 together us two, 🇩🇴. A big malamute and German shepherd mix. I put you down Patu because i really loved you; at 16 you were hanging on for dear life and I took it fromContinue reading “The Dog Days Of Summer, A Musing.”